While geographically Adelaide and Melbourne are relatively close neighbours, when it comes to the requirements of customers building new homes, their needs and wants differ significantly.

In Melbourne the vast majority of the demand is from customers who have recently immigrated to Australia, predominantly from the Middle East, Asia and India. Statistics show that over the period of 2016-2017, approximately 80,000 people made the decision to call Melbourne home. This population change is a major contributor to the housing industry capacity, keeping in mind that the housing industry in Melbourne only has the capacity to build about 25,000 new homes annually.

In terms of the Adelaide market, housing demand is significantly diverse, predominantly driven by either local first home buyers such as couples leaving the family home to start their own family and/or existing “second hand” family home owners looking for a new home or to down size. There is also a growing knock down and rebuild multi-dwelling market fuelled by reasonable stocks of second hand land and good investment potential.

The Rendition Group brands offer a competitive advantage over other residential builders as we have the ability to adapt quickly to the changes in customer demands, ensuring all different needs and wants of customers are addressed.